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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wholesome Country Activities

This past weekend we went and spent a few days with one of my favorite Mommies and her 4 kiddos. This is a conversation I had with Buddy while we were there.

Me: "Hey Buddy, what is that book you are carrying"
Buddy: "It's a Bible."
Me, thinking "OMG!!!! He is so going to be a preacher! I've hit the mommy jack-pot!" but trying to play it cool, : "Oh really? Whatcha doing with that?"
A (friend's 8 year old son): "We were having a funeral."
Me (taking a quick head count of the younger siblings),: "Ummm, for who? Or what?"
Buddy: "For a stick bug,"
A: "And a stink beetle."
Me: "Oh, well that was nice of you."
Buddy: "Well the stick bug one was pretty short, but the stink bug one we did longer."
A: "Yeah, because we killed him."


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