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Friday, September 3, 2010

My kids ROCK!

I figured it was appropriate that I start off this new blog inspired by my rockstar kids, by sharing a little bit about them. Because there are crazy people out there I will be lovingly referring to them by their semi-awesome and rather appropriate nicknames.

First there is my first born, my son. He is 10 and is seriously one of the all-around coolest people I have ever met. He is good and everything he tries, he is wicked funny and has an insanely quick wit. He totally gets dry sarcasm, he loves to go play hard in whatever sport or activity he is doing and then will curl up with a good book. He will still let me hug him in front of his friends. He is also a great friend and a pretty good student. Like his mom, he is distracted easily and wants to do it all RIGHT NOW! We work well together because he will do any spontaneous and slightly hair-brained idea I come up with, with an eager spirit and a huge smile! We also get each other into trouble because we are fine with putting off the should-do's in favor of the wanna-do's. He is also incredibly thoughtful and tender-hearted. We call him Buddy because that is what my hubby came up with while I was pregnant. Buddy hated being a baby and cried all the time. And I do mean all. the. TIME. Unless he was nursing or being walked around our tiny apartment, he cried until he learned how to walk at 7 months. No joke. Freakin’ AWESOME! (Although it was a little creepy, like that Ally McBeal baby.) He has an amazing ear for music and can match almost any sound he hears (songs, bells, car alarms, etc.) perfectly the first time. He wants to be exactly like his dad which is usually a good thing.

Next there is my darling daughter, Happy. She earned this name easily as she was the exact opposite of her brother. He wouldn’t sleep more than 15 minutes unless he was touching me – she slept 6 hours straight our first night home in her bassinet. I totally thought she died. I could also lay her down whenever I wanted and she would fall asleep. She only cried if she was in pain. Her first tooth was in and the second not far behind before I even knew she was teething! (The WalMart lady saw her teeth before I did, and I was nursing her 8 times a day! My daughter, not the WalMart lady.) She smiled early and often and was not only the happiest baby, but also the most beautiful baby EVER! No offence moms, but my kid totally kicks your kid’s butt in the Beautiful Baby category. She is almost 8 years old and of course she knows everything. She is also insanely dramatic (just like her Mom was at that age. And throughout college. And my early married years. OK and maybe still a little today but whatever.) She is amazingly smart, especially at math which she totally did NOT get from me. She loves music and swimming and gymnastics and talking (that she gets from me). She is an incredible friend and sister and ahs a heart as big as North America. She has huge dark hazel/green eyes and cries crocodile tears at a moments notice. She has the puppy-dog-eye thing down to a deadly science. She is dangerous. You have been warned. She has a love for God that is amazing and would freak me out when she would cry she just wanted to go to heaven to see Him. (Did I mention she is dramatic?) She is very clingy and needs a lot of reasurance and affection. She is also a really good singer and can memorize music insanely quick, but is usually too shy to do anything about it.

And last but certainly not least is my sweet Sunshine. She is 5, almost 6, and like her sister she knows everything. He favorite word is No. She is one of those people who lights up a room just by entering it. She has flaming red, super curly hair, tons of freckles and big,clear blue eyes. She is one of my most favorite people to hang out with in the history of ever. I know that is not P.C. to say but truly she rocks my world. She was born in 2 hours after being a week late– when she was ready she was ready NOW! That is a theme I see carrying throughout her life. She was born with a giggle that is infectious, comedic timing that cannot be taught, and a love of life that inspires me every day. She began Kindergarten this year and is so stinking smart she is ready to teach the class and has the confidence to pull it off. She loves school, her friends her teacher, and also cannot seem to stop talking. Or whistling (which she is really good at.) She is almost always making noise. Luckily she is blessed with the musical talent her brother and sister have so usually it is not a bad thing. She is reading and very proud of all she is learning. Of the three of them, she is usually the one with the funniest, most random tid-bits – some on purpose, other just because she is being herself and she rocks.

So there you have it. This in no way is a comprehensive look into their complex and amazing personalities, minds and hearts, but hopefully it just gives you a glimpse into the awesomeness that is my life and my family.

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